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Ticket Support

If your business doesn’t use a take-a-number system then you’re missing out on a valuable queue management system that can directly affects your customers.

Ticketing systems that utilize take-a-number dispensers maximize customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Keep reading to learn about the importance of using a ticketing system for your customer service needs.

Ticketing Systems Create a Better Customer Service Experience

Ticketing systems are incredibly valuable for any business that has a customer service area, whether it is a pharmacy, patient waiting room, or general customer service desk. A ticketing system shortens your customers’ perceived waiting time by letting them know exactly where they stand in the queue. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere, and a better overall customer service experience. Your customers will feel confident that they will quickly receive service, and that their business is important to you.

Queue Management Systems Improve Employee Satisfaction

You want your employees to focus on delivering excellent customer service as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. Without a queue management system, employees may have to waste time managing the line and dealing with customer squabbles about who got there first and who is next in line. Using a take-a-number system will help your employees remain relaxed, friendly, and helpful, and will thus improve overall employee satisfaction.

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High-speed & Performance


We have created a powerful system to manage your services.

Features and Functionality

Ticket Support has Easy to manage, Interesting UI, Customizable access, No data limltation, Automated , Auto assignment to agents and Admin dashboard with statistics and performance tracking graphs.

The ticket status is one of the most important ticket fields in Ticket support system as it helps you define your core support process for your team.


Prioritizing tickets allows your Ticket Support staff to manage and resolve service requests based on the time left, which also helps them easily organize the tickets, update the status of tickets, and keep users updated on the progress.

Powerful Search

Ticket Support offers a powerful search tool to help you quickly and easily find Tickets, Knowledge base. You can also perform advanced filters and sorting to better narrow down your search results.

Agent Productivity

Agent Productivity works to fulfill your responsibilities. Suppose he has given a task, he has his own responsibility to complete the task.

Different access

we have given different access to the ticket support. There are 4 different users like super admin, admin, agent and user. Each role functions as per permissions given.

Reports & Analytics

Best analysis of ticket deviations and their statuses. Transaparent system for Agent productivity and services.

Discussion in Group

Depending upon how you manage incoming support requests, tickets may be automatically assigned to you, to other agents, and to groups. It also supports managing manual evaluation and ticket assignment to yourself, another agent, or a group to a ticket is as simple as selecting the ticket assignee.


Dashboards are user specific. They can (and should) be customized based on personal preference and no other user can change them for you or be affected by your changes. It gives overall graphical information of your work.


TS247 is completely dynamic. It can change according to your business needs and requirements.

Some of our Screens

Active Tickets

Active tickets shows all tickets that are open and that are not on a Waiting on User status.

Completed Tickets

Completed tickets shows all completed tickets i.e. resolved customers issues.


The Dashboard also shows the count of all open tickets in your Ticket Support with different statuses. Clicking on a status will filter your ticket list to show only tickets of that particular status.

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